What Are Business Services?

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Business services are the value that an organisation provides to its customers, or to society, without producing a tangible product. They can include information technology, telecommunications, management and training services, among others.

The term “business” is a broad category that covers all businesses that are designed to make money. The main purpose of business is to increase profits by generating more sales than it loses through operating expenses. A business is a legal entity, and the owner of the business can be an individual or an organization.

It can also be a non-profit or charitable organization that is incorporated to benefit society. The primary funding of any business comes from sales, or from taxes or other sources.

Defining Business Services For Success

Service design is a process that focuses on defining the needs of key stakeholders, and then translating those needs into simple measurable requirements. This enables a clear understanding of the Service’s Value Proposition and the assets and resources required to deliver it.

This approach is highly effective for all types of Business Services, both customer-facing and internal to an organisation. It can be especially important for upgrading existing Services in an ever-changing business environment.

The Business Services industry is a key component of European competitiveness and it contributes to about 11% of EU GDP. However, they face persistent barriers to growth and low average productivity levels, compared with manufacturing and other service sectors.

These barriers include a lack of infrastructure, high staff turnover, and limited investment in new technologies. A number of legislative and policy actions are under way in the EU to address these issues.

They also include a range of initiatives to improve the quality of products and services, including improving the skills of business service providers. These measures aim to increase the level of competence in the sector and stimulate their growth.

Providing a service can be difficult, so it is important to have strong relationships with clients and employees. Getting to know the expectations and preferences of these people can help you provide better, more convenient and efficient services.


One of the biggest challenges in delivering business services is that they do not have a physical form, as do goods. Instead, they are practiced or experienced by a person or group of people. This is because the people involved can’t touch or see the goods. This is why the experience of a service is often referred to as “the customer’s face”.

Intangibility also means that services are not stored for future use, like products can be. This makes them less flexible in production and distribution, as they have to be produced at the time of demand.

There are other intangible characteristics of services that can help to differentiate them from goods. For example, they do not have consistent quality and require exclusively performing them every time. They also can’t be consumed as easily as goods, because they don’t store well and have to be used up quickly.

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