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Daily News

The Daily News is the official name of the New York City newspaper. The paper is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ and was founded by Joseph Medill Patterson in 1919. Founded in tabloid form, the paper reached its peak circulation in 1947 with 2.4 million copies a day. It has also won several Pulitzer Prizes.


Newspapers publish a variety of content, including news and views. While many newspapers focus on general topics, others cover specialized interests, such as sports and entertainment. In general, newspapers have a large target audience. Newspapers also feature editorials, which are pieces that reflect editorial opinions. The editorials of newspapers are usually unsigned and comment on current events. They are not strictly news, but can be insightful and show the editorial viewpoints of the paper’s owners.

Pulitzer Prizes

While the Pulitzer Prizes are usually given to major institutions, daily news outlets often win the award as well. The Las Vegas Sun, for example, won an award for exposing the lack of attention paid to worker health and safety on construction sites, resulting in fewer fatalities. The Boston Globe, meanwhile, won a prize for commentary on social issues, and Jeffery Gerritt, editor of the Palestine Herald-Press, won an award for editorial writing. Gerritt’s columns uncovered how poor conditions in prisons led to premature death for pre-trial inmates.


In an effort to attract more mobile readers, the Daily News has introduced a new mobile app that ties content with location. Available for download for free on iOS and Android, the app combines newspaper content with local resources, such as traffic cameras. The app also offers personalized ads and messaging based on multiple factors, such as proximity to the user.

Editorial content

Daily News and other print media have historically kept editorial and advertising functions separate. However, media outlets are increasingly commoditizing content, with audience and content commoditization largely driven by political and economic factors. In a democracy, free access to information is essential for citizens.

Online edition

The online edition of the Daily News is available for free to all subscribers. The news organization is also experimenting with new media, such as offering free podcasts featuring comedian Ricky Gervais. Other newspapers in the UK, such as The Daily Telegraph, are also offering their news online.


A recent study of the cost of daily news subscriptions found that consumers are willing to pay as much as $2.31 a week for news content. The study looked at 100 news organizations. It found that ownership, circulation, and market size had no effect on the price. In fact, most of the news organizations fell within a $1 to $3 price range.

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