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Daily News

Daily News is the world’s most popular English-language newspaper. A daily paper with a unique slant on the latest news from around the world, it has an extensive range of digital platforms and offers a variety of subscription options to suit every reader’s needs.

The newspaper is published in New York City by The Daily News Company, an American newspaper publisher. It was founded in 1919 and is currently the eleventh-largest circulated newspaper in the United States, with a circulation of 2.4 million copies per day as of 2019.

A Daily News subscription gives you access to all of the daily paper’s content including:

Breaking news stories from across the globe – each day we bring you the very best global news coverage. We cover everything from the biggest stories in international politics to the latest breaking news in sports and entertainment.

We deliver our stories in high-resolution, high-quality video format to give you a rich and immersive experience. Our videos are available for viewing on all major mobile devices and browsers.

Our daily news articles contain comprehension and critical thinking questions to help students learn about the topic at hand, as well as background and resources below each article to support learning.

Daily News Articles are a great way to introduce students to media literacy, news reporting and the ethics of journalism. They are also a valuable tool for teachers to use in the classroom to help their students better understand their own world and the events that affect it.

Getting a Daily News subscription is simple and cost-effective with our easy-to-use interface. Subscribers can access their articles anytime and anywhere, on any device, and they will receive a daily email digest to keep them up to date on the latest stories from the Daily News.

The Daily News is a daily publication with a unique slant on the world’s latest news from around the globe, including:

Business news – The site presents business news in a simplified manner that focuses on stocks and live TV. It also includes live business news feeds from various sources and provides detailed company information.

Science news – The site features breaking news in the sciences, from leading universities and scientific journals. It also includes a search function that allows visitors to quickly find news articles and scientific publications.

The daily newspaper has a strong reputation for being “flexibly centrist” and an “independent, high-minded legacy.” For over five decades it was a staunchly conservative publication that espoused populism. However, over the past few decades its editorial stance has become more moderately liberal and the paper has been a consistent champion of progressive ideas.

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