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Daily News

The New York Daily News is an American daily newspaper founded on January 29, 1858, in Manhattan, New York City. It is considered the oldest newspaper in the United States, and its founding father, Moses Asch, was one of the most influential people to shape the paper industry in the 19th century. The paper is currently owned by Tribune Publishing, and it has been the largest daily newspaper in America since its inception. It has been known for its tabloid format, its use of photographs and its editorials. The paper is also notable for its long history of social activism and controversies.

Newspapers are published at regular intervals, typically daily or weekly, and report events that have happened since the last issue. They usually include national and international news, as well as local and community news. They often contain articles about politics, business and finance; crime, weather and natural disasters; culture, society and entertainment; sports; education and science.

In many parts of the world, newspapers are available for purchase on a subscription basis. They are usually delivered by mail or picked up in supermarkets and convenience stores, but may be distributed in other ways as well. They are also available online, either free or for a fee.

They are typically published on a daily or weekly basis, and cover all aspects of society and the economy in their areas of coverage. In addition to the main content of news, they may also contain opinion pieces called “op-eds” or “letters to the editor,” expressing the opinions of individual readers or writers; and sometimes feature articles such as book reviews and celebrity profiles.

A newspaper’s credibility depends upon its ability to present unbiased news and information in an objective manner. Historically, this was accomplished through careful fact checking of all content, and by adhering to standards for ethical journalism. These standards included avoiding false reporting, not using sensational headlines, and not accepting payment from sources for stories. In the modern era, some newspapers have attempted to improve their credibility by appointing ombudsmen, developing more stringent ethics policies and training for staff members, establishing clear lines of accountability for editors, clearly communicating their corrections policy, and asking sources to review articles after publication.

A newspaper is also a vehicle for advertising and promotion, which allows it to support its editorial content. The most common type of advertising is print advertisements, but the Internet has expanded the possibilities for online advertising as well. Despite the rise of electronic media, most newspapers continue to have a strong physical presence as well, with most maintaining large newsrooms in downtown areas of major cities. The most prominent example of this is the New York Daily News, which has a large newsroom at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan. This is a landmark building, which also houses the headquarters of several other newspaper chains and television and radio stations. The building straddles the railroad tracks that lead into Penn Station, and its iconic clock tower is visible from the street.

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