Daily News – A Digital Newspaper and Learning Tool for Students

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Daily News

Daily News – A Digital Newspaper and Learning Tool for Students

Every weekday, Daily News publishes interactive, educational news stories that help children develop 21st century skills, such as critical thinking and media literacy. Thousands of schools incorporate News-O-Matic articles into their ELA, science, social studies and SEL curricula.

The News Building (also known as the Daily News Building or simply “The News”) is a former United States newspaper building in New York City, based on the original design by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood. It is located at 450 West 33rd Street in Manhattan West, adjacent to Pennsylvania Station and the Associated Press world headquarters. The News was the first tabloid paper in the US. The newspaper is now owned by tronc, the publishing operations of the former Tribune Company.

Founded in 1919, the Daily News has a reputation for presenting extensive political coverage, particularly of national politics, and a liberal leaning in editorial opinion. It is widely regarded as the left-leaning counterpart to the right-leaning New York Post.

A Digital Newspaper and Learning Tool

The Daily News is available to subscribers for use on their computer or mobile device. Its interface and features are easy to navigate, and it allows readers to search for a specific topic or article.

Its text is written at three different Lexile levels, making it accessible to students with varying reading abilities and skill sets. It also features multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin.

All articles are translated by a team of native speakers into their respective language, and all stories are read out loud in authentic dialect through the “Read to Me” feature.

News-O-Matic is a free, online, interactive, student-friendly news resource for grades K-8. The website teaches students media literacy, global awareness and critical thinking.

Our interactive articles are written in three Lexile levels and are published throughout the day. They are correlated to state and national standards, helping teachers adhere to the curriculum.

Each story has comprehension and critical thinking questions to help students learn about the subject matter. These questions are designed to help students understand the content and apply what they’ve learned to their own lives.

The site also provides background information and resources on each story, as well as a link to an interactive video clip or map. Users can also sign up for a free email newsletter with answers to the articles’ questions and other related content.

ScienceDaily delivers breaking news about the latest discoveries in the sciences, health, technology and more — from leading universities and scientific journals. The website features more than 500 topics, each grouped into one of 12 main sections. The site’s news stories are selected from press materials provided by hundreds of sources worldwide.

Its articles are written in an approachable format with a focus on clear language and easy-to-read headlines. The site also includes a news analysis section with short summaries of each article.

In addition to its news coverage, the site provides information about the history and culture of New York. It also offers a wide variety of content, including sports, arts and entertainment, classified ads, comics, and an opinion section.

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