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Business services are work activities performed in support of a company’s products and customers. They include work that does not produce a tangible product, such as information technology (IT) services. Other examples of business services are human resources, payroll and accounting, marketing, finance and banking and supply chain management. Business service providers may be independent contractors, subcontractors or employees of the company employing them. Outsourcing is a common way for businesses to obtain business services. Companies can use external business service providers to outsource non-value-added activities, or they can create centralized departments within their organizations to handle these tasks.

Some business service providers have a global presence, and some are based in one country but serve customers in other countries as well. This global presence enables them to offer services that would be difficult or impossible to provide locally. Other business service providers specialize in a particular industry or type of client. A consulting firm, for example, might focus on providing business advice to large manufacturing companies. These firms can also help companies develop strategies for entering new markets.

A key factor in a successful business service is customer service. This involves making sure that the service is delivered as promised and that the customer is satisfied with it. Many companies put a lot of effort into developing strong customer service skills because they know that this is an important element in creating long-term business success.

In a service business, the people who deliver the service are often more important than the goods or products themselves. This is because the quality of a service depends on how well it is performed, and this in turn depend on the people who provide it. For example, an architectural firm’s success depends on how well it explains the purpose of its work to its clients, and how well it listens to its clients’ needs. A good or bad customer experience can affect how well the firm performs and even whether it is able to charge its clients for its services.

Another key factor in a successful business service is value-based pricing. This means that the price of a service is based on what the customer thinks it’s worth rather than on how much it actually costs to provide. In addition to customer-driven value-based pricing, competitive pressure can also influence prices for certain types of business services.

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