Sophie Ansell: Discount Dreams

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
5:00 PM 8:00 PM

As an artist working in film and performance, storytelling is key to my practice. My work explores narratives. In particular, the stories which are fed to us as a society. Tales of Hollywood Glamour and Benefits Scroungers, Disney Fairytales and The Defecit, Beauty Standards and Austerity Measures. Some of these stories are thrilling, some are simple and some are boring but all are told so subtly and frequently that they threaten to become fact. I use dark humour to question and critique these modern media and political narratives.

I am an obsessive people watcher and find inspiration in everyday absurdities. I like to cut and collage the patterns I find, and re-present them with a sprinkling of subversive humour. Humour and art are, for me, political tools with which I aim to playfully disjoint the powerful fictions which govern our lives. —Sophie Ansell

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