Kaitlyn Christenson: Beneath the Tide

Sunday, October 15, 2017
12:00 - 2:00 PM

I’ve been around water all of my life. Whether it was a pool, lake, pond, or ocean. I think of the water as my second home. The water grew into a landscape that I could almost always recognize. Once smelling the air, hearing the seagulls, or watching the greenery fade into sand, I knew where I was. But as I grew, I realized that the home I once knew was changing. The home was getting smaller, didn’t smell the way it used to and began to houses foreign objects of a polymer plastic base that littered my once clean sand. But somehow I still was able to find a little piece of the water I once knew in that chaos. I began looking closer at the home. From the organisms living there to the frequent visitors. These macro images of various aquatic life are here to remind people that though our aquatic landscapes might have changed over time, one can always look closer and find a little familiarity up close and personal. Kaitlyn Christenson

Kaitlyn Christenson is a photographer currently based out of Peoria, IL. Creating landscapes and abstract forms out of common objects such as oysters allows her to constantly explore new textures and surfaces. This allows the viewer to see a side of nature that only the tiniest of creatures have the joy of viewing. Her work goes deeper into the thought of where these beings come from and how the landscape helps transform and shape the shells.

Kaitlyn in currently a senior BFA photography student attending Bradley University. She just finished a summer photography internship with SOCIAL Sparkling Wine where her work was regularly featured on their social media, as well as on their website. Her work can also be seen in the Water exhibition at the Peoria Public Library as well as in the MWSPE Student Volunteer exhibition at the Prairie Center of the Arts. She is a current student member of SPE.