Sunday, September 18, 2016
3:00 PM 5:00 PM

YOU ASKED FOR IT is an exploration of the significant social value placed on childhood celebrations and milestones. These defining touchstones mask a true identity behind a veil of exuberantly inexpensive decorations and momentary but fleeting joy. Within these constructs, it is expectations that create predisposition and shape our sense of want and desire.

Gender is both established and confined through events like Birthdays. Words, colors, and behaviors begin to have strongly weighted connotations, all of which come to shape much of what guides us in early and later sexual identity.

Through sculptural collage and mixed-media installations, YOU ASKED FOR IT presents childhood photos and ephemera which have been manipulated and distorted to challenge the viewers' own perceptions and experiences with identity, intimacy, and notions of desired success.

If we try to distance ourselves and escape the established parameters of our own identity we find ourselves searching through the past, digging through memories, and recalling experiences to look for answers and guidance. YOU ASKED FOR IT searches for what lies beneath and beyond the decorative surface. —Joey Knox

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