Jake Vogds: Company Cuties

Sunday, August 27, 2017
3:00 - 6:00 PM


Multidisciplinary artist Jake Vogds fabricates conceptual, toy-like objects and paintings that speak to his practice as both a pop-singer and performance artist. With most of his vocal inspiration coming from black female artists, Vogds finds it essential to create physical works that call out and question the inherent appropriation laced within his voice. Microphones in object-drag as parrots sensualize this self-parody, using strategies of camp, humor, and accelerationism to dismantle systems of privilege within the pop- scene as well as the self. Stuffed-animal product-self-portraits mock and reveal the shape-shifting, mind- colonizing aspects of whiteness in hopes of trapping this trauma in surrealist riddles. On the surface, Vogds’ work smiles back at you like a room full of Muppets. However, each work is overwhelmed with a density of identity politics. During durational performance works, endless pop-vocal riffs fill the space as Vogds interacts with his toys and installations in full costume. This stream of non-sensical vocals becomes a language in which the artist speaks to himself and his objects in tongues, literally exhausting his own vocal chords as well as pop’s climactic hypnosis. Songs and Albums take on a more direct approach to critiquing youth culture, trend, and the pop-apparatus through lyrics, samplings, and live performances. When entering a space queered by a Vogds installation, one may watch as each piece tries to upstage one another with a wink and a grin.

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