Eric Anthony Berdis: Trot, Tiptoe and Gallop

Sunday, September 9, 2018
1:00 - 3:00 PM

In my work thrift store castoffs and loud sequined materials are reassembled as uniforms for a dystopian world. Familiar domestic object transforms to become horses to gallop on and ghosts that haunt me. Each object holds a peculiar function, none of which are to clothe the body or to cover uncomfortable truths. Through playful repetitive gestures, I interrogate these constructs with humorful drawings, saturated embellished sculptures and decontextualized language that are enacted apart of a performance. The slapdash construction of the fabricated object further suggest the association with youth and experimentation, but the cold, bare reality of these happenings foreclose any sense of innocence or nostalgia. The absurdity and pathos in my work is used to create new mythologies that explore idolatry and fandom while embracing everything perverse. —Eric Anthony Berdis

Derived from childhood fantasies Eric Anthony Berdis’ work explores the metamorphosis of becoming. Set among plush, embellished objects, and playful faux-fur sculptures, Berdis transforms into a nonviolent homophobia fighting superhero. Their non-violent performance practices seek to simulate the jarring experience of being stereotyped while simultaneously examining the ways we navigate towards and create safe spaces. Of course, the only non-violent way fight homophobia is no other than with a trusty hobbyhorse sidekick? Why not have 12 them? Why not a race?! Eric and Project 1612 invite you to join us in an afternoon of friendly hobbyhorse racing competition!

Eric Anthony Berdis is visual artist and curator, whose work explores masculinity, narrative, and subversion through live and video performance. Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Berdis received their BFA from Slippery Rock University in 2013 and is currently pursuing their MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in the Fiber apart of the Craft & Material Studies department. An alum of the artist-run space and collective Little Berlin in Philadelphia, Eric is excited to be apart of the Project 1612 community for an afternoon of joyful hobbyhorse racing fun!

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