Angie Saiz: Jauria

Sunday, May 21, 2017
3:00 PM 6:00 PM


Angie Saiz (Chile, 1977) is a visual artist with production of works in painting, photography, public intervention, video installation and sound art. Her work develops aesthetic problems based on the biographical imagery and the intersection and crisis between new technologies and the concepts of time, limbo and ruin. She has exhibited in important spaces in Chile, such as MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Visual Arts MAVI and Galería Metropolitana. She has also participated in samples outside the country in spaces such as YAKU Water Museum in Quito, Ecuador; Marta Traba Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brasil; Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles C.A., USA, and others in México. In addition, she is curator, director and producer in projects of visual arts and carries out publishing work in related publications. Currently lives and works in Santiago de Chile, and carries out exhibition and management projects inside and outside her country.

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