Haley Funk and Dylan Pashke: Grey Area

Sunday, May 5 2019
3:00 - 5:00pm

Grey Area is a body of work that emphasizes the void, or lack thereof, ‘grey area’ within myself. After talking to a former professor, I realized that my life is captured in either black or white, there is no in between. That’s what sparked the idea for this series. These works encompass an array of subject matter such as my life experiences, the people I’ve come in contact with, and how this molds the world into meaningful interactions. My paintings utilize design elements and principles of art such as line, color, value, and repetition as I’ve found some of the most basic building blocks of art, to be the most inspiring. Line in my work conveys connectivity, causality, direction, movement, my content, and is an overall unifying element you’ll see throughout my work. All of my paintings, except for Progression of Greys like a Funeral of Sanity, which is made from hung slats of masonry board, are oil on stretched canvas.

My content thrives off of the frustration, beauty, and liberation of being a person with no ‘grey area’. It’s quite the paradox, really. Works such as Obsessive, Compulsive; Repetition; Recluse; with their counterparts; I am the Catapult; I am the String and the Hand; and I can Read Between the Lines, further solidify the message. We are meant to have grey area as human beings, so perhaps this is a bridge-way to begin my next series, Searching for my In Between. — Haley Funk

Haley Funk is a painter whose work envelopes an array of abstract and non-objective oil paintings, regarding themes such as self-reflection, mental illness, and prior life experiences. Haley started painting in high school after taking an art class on a whim. She quickly fell in love with the medium and began her higher education at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Haley is currently earning her BFA with a concentration in Painting from Bradley University, as well as her BS in Psychology. She is a published poet as well as has received awards for her art through the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts at Bradley University. Haley is currently wrapping up her internship for an alternative project space, Project 1612, located in Peoria, IL and looks to continue her education further on down the road with a Master of Fine Arts after completing her Master of Arts in Counseling. She seeks to incorporate her two passions, art and psychology, by creating work centered around the cause and effect relationship of our daily interactions, worldly views, mental health, and childhoods.

Artist’s website (Haley Funk)

Until recently I’ve had always thought that art needed all sorts of layers. Art always seemed to need many complex reasonings and explanations for the world’s unknown. That each impression on a canvas or layer of media needed more than a, “I did it, because I liked it”. Artists always seemed to have a comprehensive “why” to their art. It’s not until this show, where I figured out my “why” as an artist ... which is creating art that I am drawn to.

No complex reasonings, just creating work that I want to create.

As an artist, I have always been drawn to a minimalist aesthetic. I am drawn to portraiture, abstraction, pattern, repetition, typography, and interactions between both color and mediums.

In this show, I wanted to depict what I am drawn to as an artist, but overall I wanted to try something new. As a continuous learner of life, I always hope to explore and charge into unknown waters. For example, utilizing a polymer plate and metal type, on a printing press, is something I would have never imagined I would have had the opportunity to test out. — Dylan Pashke