Rachel Hausmann - 12 oz. Lounge

Exhibition: Friday, November 9th from 5:00-7:00 pm

12 oz. Lounge is an exhibition of new work by Milwaukee based artist Rachel Hausmann. Her paintings will introduce a midwestern sensibility through the past-time of "throwing one back" or "crackin' open a cold one," reminding us that any good beer slogan may also be words to live by.

I use humor and futility as a disguise to navigate a deeper conversation about the presence, history, and future of painting. I am a “bad” painter. My work is created through quick and spontaneous choices; decisions often wavering between stupidity and ingenuity. My paintings are created out of accidental arrangements of canvases that are propped, stacked, tied, stuffed, or leaning. Often, these precarious structures are paired with abstract marks, or additional materials like rope, beer cans, screens, plastic, construction supplies, or studio debris. My work is in a constant vulnerable state nearing failure. Teetering surfaces are just a moment away from tumbling. The energy built by creating work this way is central to my understanding of the relationship between painting and sculpture. I enjoy struggling to find the validity of painting within the gallery space by testing the limits of materials, installation, and functionality. My practice is a permanent experiment to find the formula for a “stupid” painting.

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