Jessica Ball


Project 1612: How would you describe the art you make?

Jessica: I would describe the art I make as lyrical abstract expressionism. Non figurative. Instant gratification, impulsive, therapeutic, peaceful and bright. Highly influenced by music.

Project 1612: When did you start taking yourself seriously as an artist?

Jessica:  I sort of gave up on art when I moved back to the midwest in 2004. I began painting again in 2011 and vowed to never stop painting, no matter where I am planted. To live a full, creative life, on the daily.

Project 1612: What drives your practice?

Jessica: I couldn’t survive without music. Music drives me to see and create so freely. I am in a perfect place when I have music and paint. I have a whole other language going on here.

Project 1612: Has your studio practice changed since closing The Art Garage in 2017? How so?

Jessica: Closing The Art Garage has been a good transition in my life. I have had time to enjoy my studio, create some really fun pieces and show a lot of artwork this year. The best part of this transition is being able to spend quality time with my husband, Kevin and our eleven-year-old daughter, Olivia. I’ve enjoyed digging deeper into life and sharing it, in color.

Project 1612: What problems do you face in the studio? How do you overcome them?

Jessica: Problems in the studio are mostly with inspiration and motivation. I combat them both with music... good music. I’ve also had to move to a larger studio this year. I’ve enjoyed making large scale paintings lately, especially with room to move around while I work.

Project 1612: What is your current body of work about?

Jessica: I am currently creating a diptych for the Emerging Artists’ Collective Exhibit in February 2019. The main idea behind my next few works are bravery with freedom of expression. This process is both valuable to my mental health and my painting practice.

Project 1612: What artistic movement do you most connect with?

Jessica: Abstract Expressionism

Project 1612: Do you have anything coming up that readers should be aware of?

Jessica: Yes, I do! Studios On Sheridan Resident Artist Group Exhibit at the Sunbeam Building until December 31st and I’m currently the Featured Artist at Images Salon until December 31st. I’ll also be the Artist Of The Month at Identity Salon in Peoria Heights now until January 11th and have work in Piece of Mind: An Exhibition on Mental Health by the Emerging Artists Collective in the Peoria Public Library Main Branch from February 6-28, 2019. The reception for that exhibition is Saturday, February 9, 1-3pm


Project 1612: What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Jessica: Although I love to create in solitude, my art is deeply enriched by interactions and support from the art community. My advice for aspiring artists is to get out there and support others. Your practice will grow from learning about all types of art and all types of people. Get what you can out of being wherever you are.

Project 1612: What are your thoughts on the art community in Central IL?

Jessica: I have had my ups and downs while being an artist in Central IL. I try to soak up all we have, but honestly I crave an even more populated and diverse art scene like that of other large cities. I will say, the artists here are AMAZING! They definitely outnumber their opportunities.


Jessica Ball is an artist working in Peoria, IL. More of her work can be found on here